Meet Spiralheart’s Community Mentors

Spiralheart has created 2 community mentor roles. These roles began in 2021 and the following descriptions and stipends received consensus at a community meeting. These 2 roles are Black Indigenous Person Colour (BIPOC) Mentor and All-Camp Anti-Racism Mentor. The descriptions are meant as guidelines only and both mentors were informed that they are empowered to create and form the complete parameters of their roles. After the description and stipend information you will find a bio from each of them.

The Black Indigenous Person of Colour (BIPOC) Mentor will curate a healthy BIPOC-centered space within camp to be used as the BIPOC campers deem most beneficial.

This role will include pre- and post-camp communication with BIPOC campers who identify as such on the registration form.

The BIPOC Mentor is empowered to respond to any marginalizing incidents or structures before, during and after camp. This may include calling on the all camp anti-racism mentor for support, as well as through any other SpiralHeart channels.

The All-Camp Anti-Racism Mentor will coordinate with RAFT and other organizers, BIPOC Mentor, and any other persons necessary, in order to foster an environment that uplifts and centers BIPOC voices, enables white campers to see camp through the lens/perspective of BIPOC campers, and helps SpiralHeart do the anti-racist work vital to the Great Turning and to the future of this planet.  Specifically, they will

  • Educate the camp to disrupt white supremacy through optional offerings and an all-camp anti-racism meeting.
  • Work with the SpiralHeart Anti-Racism Cell throughout the year to help SpiralHeart become an anti-racist organization.

As agreed at the September 2020 community meeting, we will pay any Black Indigenous People of Colour mentors more than white mentors, as partial reparation for current unjust pay scales in our society.

Mentors who are Black Indigenous People of Colour will be paid double the current base mentor rate ($1198 for 2021).

Both of our mentors will be engaging with community at our online SpiralConVergence. Registration is now open and the link to the registration form is located on the SpiralConVergence page.

Black Indigenous Person Colour (BIPOC) Mentor


Jynx, Spiralheart BIPOC Mentor

Bio: Jynx Vervain, also known as The Writ Witch, is a passionate writer, poet, storyteller, and ritual dramatist, crafting language as a spiritual offering and as a means of better coming to know Deity and Self. As a Reclaiming witch and a student of rootwork, Jynx’s omnist and pantheist perspective on spirituality and life itself is grounded in the importance of Story and Myth in understanding not only who we are and who we’ve been, but also who we have the potential to be. As The Writ Witch, she writes custom devotional and narrative poetry and offers in-depth dream interpretations, as well as delving into bibliomancy and rhapsodomancy as personal daily practice. An avid researcher, belly dancer, full-spectrum doula, and activist for comprehensive sex education and reproductive rights, Jynx works primarily with Persephone, the Dead, and her Self.

All-Camp Anti-Racism Mentor


Lilo, Spiralheart All-Camp Anti-Racism Mentor

Bio: Lilo Assenci, he/they pronouns, lives in the occupied lands of the Jacutinga and Guarani First People, also known as Rio de Janeiro – Brazil. Lilo is a Brazilian, person of color, queer Witch, and Priestex, practicing witchcraft for more than 10 years. They are a Feri Initiate and a Reclaiming Witch, working within the Reclaiming Tradition since 2017. One of the founders and organizers of the Reclaiming Brazil Community and member of the BIRCH Committee, they have been taking steps into leadership nationally and internationally, helping to support and weave emergent Reclaiming communities throughout the globe, especially in Latin America. Their work is deeply connected with anarchism, community magic, Brazilian folklore, translation, writing, and political-magical activism from a decolonizing view, especially engaging anti-racism magical work. They have a particular interest in teaching, ritual priestessing, and creating/building community magically as a way of radical justice and inclusiveness. Weaving magic, healing, activism into self-possession and integration work, is the way they find to re-enchant the worlds and dismantle the Empire.

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