May Community Meeting!


Sunday, May 16

🕒(8:45 gather, 9:00 AM Start-5:00 PM end) (eastern time)
Convergence Cell Report

Ops Cell Report

RAFT story call working group

Tech Report: Internet Browser & File Storage, Sharing, and Collaboration


Our next community meeting will be on Sunday, May 16th and we would love to see you there!

Since we currently have a shorter agenda planned for this meeting, we have some room for additional items. If you have an item that you would like to see addressed during this meeting, please let the anchors know at (preferably before May 12th).

Community meetings are where we have discussions about and make decisions for upcoming camps and SpiralHeart as an organization via consensus process.

The meeting will start at 9:00 AM Eastern Time. (Gathering at 8:45 AM, meeting starts at 9:00 AM) There will be a lunch break from noon until 1:00 PM. Sunday meetings will have an agreed end time of 5:00 PM.

The meeting will be held via Zoom. Links and agenda, as well other pertinent information can be found at the end of this message.

Please note that the agenda is not finalized and items may be moved around before the meeting.

Hope to see you there!

in anticipation,

Jon & Cubby

Agenda & Zoom link again:

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