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A witchcamp in the Reclaiming Tradition

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We embrace the unknown, the unnamed, and the forbidden found on the edge of the night. We say no to Order and make space for Wild.

In Person Summer Camp Delayed:

Our hearts, minds, and efforts go out to our community and our beloveds as all of us experience the journey of this global pandemic. Spiralheart community has decided that we can’t, in good faith, gather 80+ people in close quarters for a week—especially considering those in our community who are at high risk. At the April 2020 Community Meeting, Spiralheart instead opted to create a distance offering this year. Our condolences to all touched by loss due to Covid-19.


Distance offerings, called SpiralConVergence as a whole, will run online from July 13 until August 16. Registration for holding distance offerings will open soon. General registration will open shortly after. We are asking folks to pay a sliding scale from US$40-500. Donations are also encouraged, as we are still trying to support the people that supported us. We aim to donate to Buffalo Gap so that we can hold Lilith year there in 2021, among other recipients. Please reach out if you’re interested in further information.

This isn’t going to be like the camp we are all used to, but we are the same community that has been spinning magic since 1993. It is with heavy hearts that we can’t engage in person, but we hope that you’ll discover with us the advantages to one year of distance offerings—like how we will be able to connect with people who would not normally be able to attend at our camp sites. We can re-imagine accessibility and we also have a real chance to ask how we can bring the magic home with us to make changes in our local environment.

Why do you keep calling them “distance offerings”? Isn’t it all online?

It doesn’t have to be. Phones, snail mail, carrier pigeon, fax machines: however people feel like showing up, we want to make room for. That being said, we do have a small hoard of video conferencing rooms ready and waiting for you. We also have tech witches who will do what they can to help if you seek out assistance!

Where can I keep up with this?

Right here! This is the website this year, and hopefully for a few years to come. We also have Facebook, email list, and Instagram. We can neither confirm nor deny the existence of an unaffiliated Discord server.

Ready to register?

Our registration form is here!

Please Donate

If you are in a situation where you feel you are able to contribute financially, we appreciate your donations. We will be using them to ensure the longevity of our camps and to support those who help make Spiralheart Witchcamp possible. Thank you so much for considering a contribution!

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