Spiralheart Summer Convergence in 2021: July 12–Aug 15

Calling all priestexes, healers, facilitators, musicians, teachers, writers, ritualists, community gatherers — and anyone interested in magic, healing, music, poetry, prose, community — and magic!

SpiralHeart will again have an online Summer Convergence in 2021: July 12–Aug 15. Our theme is Unpacking our legacy: who did we say we would be?

If you’re a Reclaiming community member who wants to offer something, complete the Convergence Offering Form. You can facilitate an online path, work on poems or stories or essays, offer healing online, priestess an online ritual or series of rituals, perform songs, teach chant-writing, discuss magic or politics or show tunes with other witches, host a bardic circle, create a collaborative spell — anything fun or useful for our Reclaiming communities!

Apply soon for the best publicity — we’ll update our list of offerings from time to time. The BIG announcement will be on June 1 when we open registration for participants. Get your application in by May 25 to be included in that announcement. Here is the working Convergence intention: We illuminate the shadows of our Ancestors, we discern the needs of our Descendants.  Past, Present, and Future are linked through the legacies held in our bodies, cultures, and minds: some of these legacies empower, and others enshrine lasting harm.  Some do both.  We gather to move, to shake, to listen, to feel the vibrations in our connections.  We move forward together.  We confront the disowned, the shadows in our ancestry. We commit to the work of fighting racism, fighting anti-Semitism, and crafting a legacy in service to our values.
(Please share widely.☺)

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