Spiral Convergence Registration Is Open

Participant registration is open!  We thought we would share a taste of what to come:  

Anti Racist co-learning group 

We will spend two hours together exploring anti-racist concepts & ideas & how they show up in our lives. We will reflect together on deep rooted racialization & socialization, learning from each other & Witnessing each other within community. We will hold sacred space for ourselves & each other in co-creating the sacred riverbed of belonging.

Offered by: love kelly k, Relaeh, bec, and the SpiralHeart Anti-Racism Cell 

Approaches to Trance and Ritual that honor the needs of Disabled and Neruodivergent participants 

The needs of disabled and neurodivergent members of Reclaiming have often been overlooked or dismissed. This offering focuses on approaches to weaving accessible trance and ritual – both online and in person – that are considerate of the needs of disabled or neurodivergent participants. In the first part of the offering, facilitators will offer approaches that ritualists in AIRA (Ableism-Impacted Reclaiming Alliance) suggest ritualists and organizers follow. The second part of the offering will be an open discussion among facilitators and attendees about challenges and possible approaches. A handout of AIRA approaches to ritual and/or the slides used for this presentation will be provided. 

Offered by: sisal & Maré 

Between the Worlds is In the World 

We are all part of the interconnected Web of Life. What does that mean? What does that feel like? How do we express this through our lives? How do we touch it with our bare hands? Together, we’ll deepen our connection with the land through experiential exercises. We’re going between the worlds so we can be in the World. We’ll begin and end in zoomland. First, we’ll sample techniques. Next, each will spend time connecting with the land (preferably outdoors). When we come back together, we’ll co-create a spell, a chant, a poem that expresses the received gifts from the land. This will be our foundation for raising energy and casting it upon ourselves, to the world. The session is all participatory, with discussion, magical work, and living, *embodied* experiences–our territory connecting with the land where we live. 

Offered by: Lilo & BrightFlame 

Community Connection Spaces 

Grab your “cuppa”, your smoothie, your toast.  Get cozy.  Let’s meet at the hearth and spend some time together.  Drop-in, come when you can.  This will be a loosely-structured and informal space. 

Offered by: your Convergence 2023 organizing team 

Courage in Accountability: Don’t Drink the Poison 

Being unable to forgive ourselves and others for a past mistake, or a collective wrongdoing can lead to relationship disconnection, community breakdown and physiological, spiritual and emotional damage. Drawing from teachings on accountability and forgiveness as guiding principles towards justice and healing, Eleven supports small groups to meet and see each other as flawed and imperfect creatures, good enough to belong despite these undeniable truths. Within an intimate container of small groups, participants craft the answers to questions that explore possibilities for being accountable and making amends within our intimate relationships and in community. Developing these practices can facilitate a shift in the landscape of wellbeing and community resilience necessary for these troubling times. 

Offered by: Eleven 

Elements of Magic: Tending Hearts and Tending Hearths 

Elements of Magic is a Reclaiming core class that explores the elemental Pentacle through a Reclaiming ritual structure. We will use art and ritual to discover and begin a personal transformative experience with tools often used in the Reclaiming tradition such as visualization, sensing energy movement, divination, music, trance, creating magical space, and ritual design. This class is experiential in nature. 

Offered by: Jynx & Hemlock 

a love ritual

You’re invited on this adventure, between the worlds, to explore and play with love. We will connect, expand and explore what love means for us, and then write a love letter and weave together our collective prayers. Though love can encompass romantic love, that is not the main focus here. There will be optional space to share a snippet of your writing.

Offered by: Sharon Pink

Sacred Attention in Mary Oliver’s Poetry 

In this two-hour workshop, attendees will engage in the sacred art of paying attention to the natural world through the poetic lens of Mary Oliver’s work. We will begin together with grounding and setting our intentions for exploration. We will then read and discuss selected poems by Mary Oliver. In the middle of the session, we will separate to experience the natural world with sacred attention and then converge back together online to write and share. Participants are likely to leave with ritual poetry that they can use in their personal practice or in community. No experience with writing poetry is needed. 

Offered by: Stella 

The Healing Pentacle 

The Healing Pentacle is a tool for healing and personal transformation. It was created by Cassidy Brown, inspired by and complementary to Galen Smith’s Care Pentacle. This Zoom ritual will center on a trance overview and introduction to the pentacle and its five points: Surrender, Rest, Care, Adapt, and Hope. The ritual intention is: “We encounter the Healing Pentacle, and it encounters us.” We strive for this ritual to be accessible and welcome any requests to help make our ritual more accessible for attendees. There will be a space of time for private work following the trance; please bring your journal, art supplies, or anything else you need for your personal work. 

Offered by: sisal & Cassidy Brown 

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