Meeting minutes Nov 2022

Beloved Community, Here are the minutes from our November meeting.

November 20, 2022 Minutes 

Present: Bec, Boneweaver, Calliean, Daedalus, Debbie, Joan, Jon, Jynx, Relaeh, Renee, Yarrow

Next meeting: Sunday, January 8, 2023. 9:45 gather, 10:00 AM Start-5:00 PM, Eastern time

Camp 2023 Story: Inanna

Our camp story for 2023 is Inanna and the Seven Gates of Me (chosen by the RAFT meeting).

Our camp intention, adopted by Consensus, is: We follow the song of the abyss, remove the vestments of power, and answer at the Gates of Accountability. As sacred witness in authentic community, we hold grief, heartbreak, and joy.

As we often do, we went into dropped-and-open consciousness, heard the story read, and each person spoke what came to them from that listening.  We then used what was spoken as seeds for the intention itself.

What will camp cost?

Our venue, Buffalo Gap, raised its prices significantly in 2023. Our cost per camper was over $900 — so we lost almost $20,000.  We’re hoping to for somewhat lower costs next year, but we’re still probably looking at an average cost of $750 per camper.  We’ll be raising the minimum cost of camp by about $50, and setting up automated monthly payments to make paying for camp easier.

Consensus: Our sliding scale for camp 2023 is $650.00 – $1800.00.  The maximum scholarship is increased to $200.00.

Consensus: Our automated payments will end in June. The last month that automated payments will be available will be March.

Minimum automated payment will be $450.

Our steps for automated payments will be 450, 500, 550, 600, 650, 750, 850, 900, 1000, 1200, 1400, 1600, 1800

Camp Cost for Black, Indigenous and People of Color

Camp will be free for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color.

Consensus: BIPOC campers have a set camp registration fee of $150 in lieu of Spiralheart’s current sliding scale registration fee for BIPOC campers. Additionally, BIPOC campers automatically receive the full $150 scholarship from our scholarship fund effectively rendering their camp registration fee to $0.

Our Ritual Arc Team; Liaisons

The 2023 Ritual Arc Team is Sparrow, Ember, and Reshka.  They are looking for additional ritual arc team members.

Consensus: The Community requests that the RAT and Soundspinner teams provide liaisons to meet with each other several times before camp and daily during camp.

Ratification of Board

  • Current Board members

Ratified at this meeting:

  • Consensus: Jon (anchor)
  • Consensus: Joan (treasurer)
  • Consensus: Debbie (Operations)
  • Ratified in September:
    • Ben (Anti-Racism co-chair)
    • Kelly (Anti-Racism co-chair)
  • New Board members:
    • Consensus: Yarrow (Media Cell co-chair)
    • Consensus: Hemlock (Ops co-chair) 

Board and Other Vacancies

Board members and other key roles needed:

  • Community Meeting Anchor: co-anchor to work with Jon
  • Media Cell co-chair to work with Yarrow
  • Co-registrar to work with Pansie
  • Reclaiming Relations:
    • WitchCamp Council representative to work with Mnemosyne
    • BIRCH rep to work with Jynx

Board and Key Role Process

In going through the approval process, we realized that newer cells had different processes than older cells, and it was a bit confusing.

Consensus: We will form a working group to consolidate all previous consensus decisions which impact SpiralHeart’s board membership and filling key roles.  The group will bring a proposal to the January 2023 meeting to rectify any inconsistencies. The working group may also propose changes to those processes for the purposes of making the process more uniform.

Working group members: Debbie, Hemlock, Yarrow

Reclaiming Relations Report

  • Cross-pollination with other camps / Witch Camp Council (WCC) 
  • Email Debbie or Mnemosyne if you want to join this cell. Debbie is the current board member.
  • Here is a description of the cell:
  • The WitchCamp Council (WCC) is meeting now.
    • Our WCC representatives are Mnemosyne and Yarrow.  Yarrow’s term has been up for a while.
    • Brightflame + Karin are talking about an online WitchCamp. This might become a structure that could include things like SpiralHeart’s Convergence and other camps’ online events; or might be an independent WitchCamp.
    • The teacher database (which SpiralHeart doesn’t use much) is out of date and the WCC is talking about what to do about that

(Image by Laura Tempest Zakroff, used with permission.)

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