Call for Camp 2022 Bower Priestexx

Call for a Bower Priestexx in the Temple of the Sacred HarlotWith the return of in-person camp comes the revival of the upgraded Temple of the Sacred Harlot, SpiralHeart’s bower. This will be a cabin reserved for those who wish to honor the ecstasy of our bodies and the sensuality of our spirits in sacred space. As we thank Bonnie Maye May for her service as a Priestexx in previous years, we now call for a new Bower Priestexx to step in and join Jynx Vervain for 2022 camp.

The preferred skills/experience for a Bower Priestexx are as follows:

• Have been to SpiralHeart at least twice

• Experience with or interest in sex magic

• Psych, social, or somatic/body work experience

• Have worked through a process of boundary examination in personal, professional, and/or spiritual life

• Experience working with trauma• Willing to work in partnership and collaboration with another bower priestexx

• Be willing to arrive at camp a day early

• Be able to handle the physical duties and/or find volunteers to help clear space, sanitize surfaces, do laundry, etc.

If interested, please use the contact form on this site. Include a brief Letter of Intent stating:

What calls you to this work?

What related work have you done in your personal life and/or community/ies

What experience do you have in sacred sexuality?

Applications from interested parties must be submitted by Friday, June 24th.


Copper’s Intent from previous years for the bower at WWC:

The Bower “All acts of Joy and Pleasure are my ritual”

The Bower is a place to, with awareness, offer up sexual energy to the Goddess as an act of ecstatic joy and devotion. When we enter into ecstasy, everything around us changes, transforms, heals. There was a time when we knew the sacred arts of healing, celebration and devotion through sex. The ancients knew that sex, love and spirit are sacred aspects of all human beings. They knew that sexuality is part of our divine birthright. In our times, a primary challenge is to reclaim our sexuality, transforming and restoring it to a place of honor and sanctity.

As Witches and priestesses, we know that sex is about more than the ability to procreate (miraculous though it be). It is also about our wondrous abilities to merge and separate again, to experience pleasure by ourselves, with one another, with the Mysterious Ones, with the green world and with others through out all the realms.

The Bower is a place in where we can reclaim our sexual selves. This camp is a place where people can express their sexuality and feel free in it. And sex is a place where people carry deep wounds and pain. This camp is a place where people are also free to say “no” as well as “yes”, and where we respect each others’ boundaries, spoken and unspoken.

Feel free to go to the bower alone and with others. Feel free to have a sacred discussion, do a sexual healing ritual, a massage or any of many permutations of making love. Please be clear in communicating what you are agreeing to when you enter and while you are here.

Blessed be.

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