The Tower Ritual, Reclaiming wide participation welcome

Join Spiralheart’s Anti-Racism Cell for the kickoff to an ongoing spellworking The Tower Ritual.

Where: Zoom. Please email for zoom link.

Date: 23 April 2022


Brasilia – 2000

Australia (24 April 2022) – 0900

Eastern (Toronto) – 1800

Central – 1700

Pacific – 1500

Hawaii – 1300

Please feel free to share with other Reclaiming communities across the world.

BREAK SHIT, BUILD and SOW: We invite you to join us in a ritual of baneful magic to bring down the tower of white supremacy.  In this online offering, we will lead you in trances of transformation. We invite you to notice where you stand in relation to the tower and to craft (mentally or physically) artifacts to be destroyed as well as visions to be planted.

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