Winter SpiralConVergence!

Greetings community!

(If you would like to help organize the next SpiralConVergence slated for January 2021, please contact and we will put you in contact with the working group.)

We were so excited to see so many faces for SpiralConVergence this summer! We made new friends. We saw old friends we hadn’t seen in many years. We deepened connections with people we’ve known for a while. All-in-all it was a grand success!

From the informal feedback we’ve gathered, SpiralConVergence was successful. Not merely a place-holder for the SpiralHeart camp, it provided increased access to witch-camp style paths and activities to a wider community. After a discussion at our SpiralHeart Community meeting in September, we decided to launch another SpiralConVergence. This time we are scheduling it in January 2021. The Winter ConVergence will be a streamlined 2 week event. (If all goes well, future SCV’s could counterbalance SpiralHeart summer intensive camp on our schedules.)

To make this possible, we need volunteers to help organize the event. The first SpiralConVergence was organized in an amazingly short amount of time, and a few people rose to the organizational challenges. Thank you to all who pitched in so that SpiralConVergence could happen! This time we’ve given ourselves a few months of run-up time to the event, so hopefully we can get more people to help. If this is you, please contact and we will put you in contact with the working group..

Cubby & Jon, Anchors

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