Calling all facilitators, leaders, teachers, ritualists – anyone interested in stepping into these roles!!

SpiralHeart seeks Ritual Arc Teams and a Co-facilitator for the Dispelling White Supremacy Path for camp 2021

Hi Beloved Community,

We are looking towards planning our annual summer intensive for SpiralHeart camp 2021. Camp is currently scheduled for July 12 – 18, with a pre-camp organizer day on July 11. At this time, we are selecting up to 5 additional members for our Ritual Arc Team (lovingly called RATs) and 1 co-facilitator for the Dispelling White Supremacy Path. If you feel called to either of these roles, please see below to apply! Applications are due by October 21, 2020 at 11:59 pm Eastern. 

Co-Facilitate a Path with a Guest Mentor

(Here is the application to join the SH 2021 Path Facilitation team.)

Description & Pre-requisites

Each year we invite two guest mentors to help guide us in expanding our ritual and community skills. These mentors each pair with one or two local community members to facilitate a path at camp, designed around a particular skill set. 

Path facilitators should have attended at least one Reclaiming Witchcamp. It is recommended for path facilitators to have taken the 5 Reclaiming Core Classes, and it is not a requirement. (The Reclaiming Core classes are Elements of Magic, Iron Pentacle, Rites of Passage, Pentacle of Pearl, and Community.)

As a camper-led camp, Spiralheart is dedicated to supporting those in our community who desire to hone their skills and step into leadership. We believe a strong vibrant community requires reciprocity. We hold an expectation that those who co-facilitate a mentor-led path will continue to take on leadership roles within Spiralheart, beyond the year of their mentorship. While all applicants will be considered, weight will be given to those who plan to return and use their expanded skills to facilitate paths, or otherwise help craft the arc of witchcamp and build community in the future.

Selections will be made at our November community meeting scheduled for Nov. 21-22, 2020.

Join the Ritual Arc Team (RAT)

(Here is the application to join the SH 2021 Ritual Arc Team.)

Description & Pre-requisites

Being a part of the RAT is an intensive commitment that begins shortly after individuals are selected, and spans approximately 10 months. All RAT applicants should have attended at least one Spiralheart camp, have taken Elements of Magic (or have equivalent life experience) and have been in a priestessing role in a ritual of at least 10 people (includes grounding, casting, invoking, etc). In the months leading up to camp the RAT will work intensively with each other, and the camp story. You will be responsible for creating the energetic arc, intentions, and rituals for the entire week, as well as cross-pollinating with path facilitators to effectively interweave path and evening ritual. It is the primary goal of the RAT to guide campers on a sacred journey through the energetic essence of the camp story, and aid the community in manifesting our year-long intention.

Key Responsibilities

Before camp:●        Vision, craft, and manifest the energetic arc of the week, the intentions, and evening rituals●        Attend regular online meetings in the months leading up to camp (starting in February)●        Attend one or two face-to-face weekend meetings/workshops●        Cross-pollinate with path facilitators to ensure path and ritual interweave throughout camp. At camp:·        Tend the energetic web of camp·        Manifest the planned energetic arc, intentions, and rituals·        Attend relevant planning meetings (as decided by members of the RAT)·        Facilitate Ritual Conspiracy·        Weave campers and path work into evening ritual·        Attend a brief post-camp retrospective on the last day of camp, which takes place immediately after lunch.  

Selection Process:

This year, RAT applicants will be selected by a team of current RATs and RATs who have previously served on the team. Decisions will be made by November 20, 2020.

Note: All camp organizers, including path leaders and RAT members are asked to attend:  A full post-camp retrospective online in the week or two after camp.  There are two dates available and they are decided by a Doodle Poll, sent to all organizers, path leaders and RAT members.

SpiralHeart is a camper-led camp.  All path facilitators and Ritual Arc Team members are registered campers and pay a registration fee; no one turned away for lack of funds.

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