Community Announcement on 2021 Camp

It is with a heavy heart and some tears that the community meeting came to a consensus today to not offer a SpiralHeart in-person magical intensive camp in July 2021.  Thank you so much for participating in the survey we put to you this week: we had a robust response that helped clarify our decision making.

Previously, we had decided that if we did not offer an in-person camp this summer, we would again organize a Summer Spiral ConVergence.  The dates of Spiral ConVergence Summer 2021 will be July 12th through August 15th.  Please consider joining us for those online offerings.

On the topic of ConVergence, Winter ConVergence is upon us!  Please join us for some activities to awaken the new year!

Also, we feel like even if we can’t quite see the light at the end of the tunnel of the pandemic, we can feel a breeze promising fresh air.  We would like to start coming up with ideas for things we can do in-person together post-pandemic.  There has been some general enthusiasm for ideas like short retreats, rituals, and activism, but nothing concrete as yet.  In February, we will be sending out a survey to gauge interest in future in-person activities and perhaps gather some concrete ideas or working groups.

Also in February, we will be having two evening community meetings: Tuesday, February 9th and Tuesday, February 23rd from 7-9:15 PM eastern time.  We would love to see you there.

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