Emergency Community Meeting – We Need BIRCH Reps

🎺🎺 Attention SpiralHearters!! An emergency community meeting is set fit Saturday, August 29th, 3-5pm Eastern, to choose our BIRCH Representative and Shadow. Also calling for volunteers for those roles! The BIRCH Committee says: “Communities are strongly encouraged to select BIPOC and Non-Binary/Trans people as representatives”.

▶️ What is BIRCH?

BIRCH is the all-Reclaiming meeting that has the power to consider changes to the Reclaiming Principles of Unity

There are two upcoming online BIRCH meetings, in September and January, and that registration for the first meeting will close before SpiralHeart’s September meeting.

The September meeting will discuss but not decide on a proposed revision to the Principles of Unity proposed by Black, Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC) and Mixed Race witches organized into the Decolonizing Actions in Reclaiming Communities (DARC) group. The January meeting will make decisions on that and several other issues.

▶️ Our emergency meeting will:

Choose a BIRCH Representative and Shadow.

Decide if we’re going to pay our representatives’ registration fees.

Choose the Representative first, then the Shadow.

Consider a fund to reimburse other SpiralHeart members who want to attend as witnesses but can’t afford the fee.

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