Spiralheart was founded in 1993 to bring WitchCamp to the mid-Atlantic region. Under the name of “Mid-Atlantic Reclaiming”, this event – now our “Summer Camp” – has been held every year in the mid-Atlantic region since. To continue the experience throughout the year and in more localities, some participants  began organizing local workshops, core classes that teach Reclaiming Tradition principles, and community-building events. The name of the group was changed to Spiralheart, and was formally incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia – and granted IRS 501©(3) non-profit educational status –  in 1998.

Since that time, many community members wished to have some way to include younger Witches in the camp experience, while others valued an adult-only camp. So, in 2009, our group founded the WildChild WitchCamp to serve the needs of the younger generation, their parents, and anyone else who preferred an all-ages camp. Spiralheart ran two camps every year until 2011, when it was determined that Wildchild needed to be put on hiatus due to safety concerns with the venue. We are currently seeking new sites and folks willing to be part of the search. Spiralheart also began hosting a weekend long Samhain retreat a few years ago that has, thus far, been a complete success.

Our organizational model has gone through a number of transformations over the years, and now functions as a camper-led model. We continue to grow and evolve and push our edges. Get involved to find out more about how awesome we are!