Code of Conduct

We acknowledge that we live in a culture steeped in ambient racism, sexism, trans/homophobia, and myriad other forms of oppression. We acknowledge that all forms of oppression are interlinked and that we have all been deeply affected by our society’s social programming. Behavior is learned, and we recognize how difficult the work of shifting learned behavior can be. As we take on the difficult work of shedding our prejudices and our personal privilege, there will be times when we mess up. We will relapse into old habits and familiar responses. Spiralheart does not expect you to be perfect, only that you commit to continuing the process in all its complexity and with all its challenges. We ask that you commit to examining your responses, to having difficult conversations, and to engaging our cultural shadows with the knowledge that this work is how social justice starts.

As explained in Spiralbound, Spiralheart Reclaiming is a sober community, and requires that there be no drugs or alcohol at any of its events—including witchcamp. Please respect this by adhering to our drug-free policy throughout the week. If you take prescription medicine, please continue to do so.

If someone finds something you do or say offensive and communicates that to you, please consider the validity of that person’s lived experience. Take the time to look within and consider whether you may be struggling to recognize or overcome a learned behavior or social programming.

If someone says or does something that you find triggering or offensive, or is related to this culture’s legacy of fear and oppression, we encourage you to speak up. We also encourage you to bear in mind that hearing difficult feedback can be a painful process. If you choose to offer constructive feedback, please do so with compassion.

Our intent is that you be empowered to take whatever action is appropriate for you on this, our collective journey toward personal accountability and social revolution; and that you do so in a way that allows for the complex journeys of those who travel alongside you.

By following this Code of Conduct you help us to create the kind of community we’d all love to be a part of. Thank you.

Definitions of Unwelcome Behavior

The following behaviors are considered inappropriate and unacceptable at Spiralheart camp, regardless of whether they are considered to be “legal” actions in the state of Pennsylvania.

Sexual Misconduct
Sexual assault and rape, stalking, violation of restraining orders, drugging victims with the intent of taking advantage of their incapacitation. Unwelcome or unwanted: harassment, lewd comments, sharing or taking of photographs of a sexual/private nature, physical contact/groping, invasion of personal space, and any ongoing sexual pursuit or harassing flirtation. If it makes a person uncomfortable and the antagonist has been asked to stop already, it is an infringement regardless of actual physical harm. If it is wanted or welcome, it is not an infringement.

Spiralheart does not tolerate any form of sexual misbehavior and will take action to either educate or bar violators from its events. We strongly believe in the principles of enthusiastic consent. “No” means no, “Ummm” means no, “Not right now” means no, “I’m not sure” means no, “I’m uncomfortable” means no. “Yes!” and “Omigods yes!” means yes. Our goal is to create a culture in which everyone can freely engage in expression of their bodies and sexuality; a culture in which everyone is confident in expressing their boundaries and speaking up when uncomfortable; and a culture in which everyone is respectful of the boundaries expressed by others. If you are ever unsure whether your behavior is welcome, ask.

Physical, Mental & Emotional Abuse

  • Physical – assault, threats of bodily injury, nonconsensual rough play, forcing a person into any physical situation against their will through use of force or threats.
  • Mental/Emotional – intimidation, harassment, bullying, personal insults specifically designed to make the target feel ill at ease, angry, or sad; the express exclusion of certain people based on gender or sex, sexual orientation, race, belief system, age, or political affiliation from participating in any camp activity (optional offerings, affinity groups, rituals, etc.).