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Some of our offerings:

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Opening Ritual

Offered by: The Ritual Arc Team (RAT)

Schedule: Moday July 13th, 8pm EST

The intention for our opening ritual is: We embrace the unknown, unnamed, and the forbidden, found on the edge of the night. We say no to Order and make space for the Wild.
The RATs humbly welcome you to the Spiral ConVergence Opening Ritual!
Participants will need to be in a space that is comfortable to sit/lay in and raise energy in.

DARC statement conversation

Offered by: SpiralHeart Anti-Racism Cell

Schedule: Monday July 20, 8pm–9:30pm Eastern

In 2019, members of Decolonizing Actions in Reclaiming Communities (DARC) created a BIPOC and Mixed Race Reclaiming Convergence Statement to Reclaiming on Anti-racist Practices, which begins: “This is a broad statement and invitation for dialogue, inquiry and growth to the broader Reclaiming community as we approach the 2019 International Dandelion Gathering. It has been developed in active dialogue with Black, Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC) and Mixed Race witches – priestesses, activists, teachers and organizers – who are actively involved in this tradition of witchcraft.” This all-participant conversation in response to the DARC statement will be the first of several offered by SpiralHeart’s Anti-Racism cell

Camp Wide Talent Show

Friday Aug 14th, 8-10pm EDT
A favorite event at the end of camp week! As always, we look forward to seeing all the multitudinous talents our campers possess. Music, writing, art, plant care, pet tricks, altar creation – the world is now our oyster on Zoom! Please bring some extra beauty to our world by sharing your gifts.

Attendance is open to all, but if you’d like to be a performer, please sign up using the link below for a time slot by Monday, August 10th.

Performer Sign-Up: https://forms.gle/YbtodaTEM9PfZ3568

Zoom link for all attendees will be posted soon!

Psychic Arts, Psychic Artist

Offered by: Skye
Schedule: First Session: Saturday, July 25th 2-3PM Second Session: Saturday August 1st 7PM-8PM

Intention: Honoring our psychic gifts, we open ourselves up to spirit, and become vessels of unlimited creativity. In this workshop we look at how all artists and creatives of any discipline are psychic. We start by exploring various definitions of psychic ability and how it relates to artists. Next, we will learn about examples of spiritual artists and how they use psychic ability in their practice. We will have a discussion about why and how it could be beneficial to think of art creation as an act of psychic insight. We will have a ritual where we cast a circle, call in the elements, and call in spirits known to aid artists. The ritual will include a trance with the intention to receive divine inspiration. Finally, we will have journaling time to write down or sketch artists insight gained from the trance. We can have a short follow up session where people share any work they created out of the ritual. I am a visual artist but it is open to writers, actors, dancers, musicians and creatives of any discipline.

Beyond the Edge of the Garden / Beyond the Walls of Whiteness

Offered by: Catkin, Joan Brooks, Juniper, and Yarrow
Schedule: Fri July 17: 7pm–9pm Eastern Sat July 18: 1-3pm and 7-9pm Eastern Sun July 19: 1-3pm and 7-9pm Eastern Sat July 25: 1-3pm and 7-9pm Eastern Sun July 26: 1-3pm Eastern

As witches our intention is to follow Lilith beyond the walls of White Supremacy into another way of being. We will delve into manifestations of White Supremacy culture and deepen our understanding of internalized racial oppression. We will seek the wisdom and support of ancestors. We will soften into courageous love, and challenge each other to show up for difficult conversations about privilege, racism and oppression. With Zoom as our magical broom, we will share the tools of community, ecstatic accountability, constructing and accessing our collective nervous system, aspecting, trance, somatic healing, and ancestral connections. We will break the spell of racism and reclaim our collective powers of compassion, liberation, justice, and peace. This path is an opportunity for white identifying people to explore white supremacy culture and our role and responsibilities in undoing racism. We welcome and recognize the gift of the presence of any People of Color who choose to join us.

More information: https://bit.ly/beyond-the-walls-of-whiteness

Tending the Descendants: Pagan Parenting

Offered by: Bee
Schedule: Sundays (7/19, 7/26, 8/2, 8/9) 10a-12p Zoom call (2 hr). Discord 24/7 throughout and after camp if desired.

This affinity group approaches intentional Pagan parenting as Work. Weekly Zoom meetings will serve as discussion and support opportunities and feature topics like the ethics of passing down religion and craft, fostering children’s relationships with the Divine/Fae, and building family traditions. A Discord server will continue the conversations outside of the Zoom meetings and allow for additional resource sharing as well.

Nature Divination Session with Gaiamore and the Earth Deck

Offered by: Gail Morrison aka Gaiamore
Schedule: 5 individual Nature Divination sessions (1-1.5hr each), 1 person per session, once per week from July 14, 21, 28 and August 4, 11. Date/time to be arranged with participant

One on one Nature Divination session. You will begin with an intention, then select card/s from the Earth Deck. Gaiamore will lead you in guided journey for divining the wisdom you seek.

Straddling Different Dimensions

Offered by: Akasha Madron and Laura Wyrd
Prerequisites: Elements of Magic or witch camp or equivalent
Schedule: July 27th 8:00pm est time 2 – 2.5 hours

Dance deep into your body. Into a warm comforting dark that is of your core essence. Allow the micro-ecosystem within your body to teach you. What parts of you are already living in the new resonance? What parts are needing more healing or time to safely shift? We will use dance/movement and trance journeying to help you go deep within your body. All life is evolving to whatever is our next state of being. We are currently straddling different resonant dimensions. Our intention is to help you perceive, in a conscious loving way, how your metamorphosis has begun and what you need to support it.

The Art of Calling In – Accountability with Compassion

Offered by: Boneweaver and Jen
Schedule: Aug 1 and Aug 2, each 1 hour sessions, 1pm EDT to 2 pm EDT

The work of dismantling begins with eradicating internalized racism. As white people we receive unearned advantages due to the existent systems of oppression of Black and Brown people in our overculture. It is our responsibility, not that of those oppressed, to hold other white people accountable for our words and deeds. We will discuss concrete skills and techniques for calling in our fellow white folks that leave intact the humanity of all involved. We believe a crucial piece of dismantling the systems occurs on a peer to peer level as we continue to be the change we wish to see in the world. Our discussion points will include: the invisible marks of white supremacist oppression, noticing resistance in our bodies, useful phrasing, and authentic apology.

Me and White Supremacy Book Circle

Offered by: Joan Brooks and Willow Krake
Prerequisites: Pre-register and answer a questionnaire before acceptance into the circle.
Schedule: July 21 – 7 to 9 p.m. EDST July 28 – 7 to 8:30 p.m. EDST August 4 – 7 to 8:30 EDST August 11 – 7 to 8:30 EDST

The offering for the Spiral Convergence is a focused group for primarily white people to do the 28-day journey of dismantling white supremacy within ourselves, as laid out in Me and White Supremacy (2020) written by Layla F. Saad. The structure of this offering is rooted in the agreement that we will each do the work individually daily over the 28 days, as mapped out in the book. As a group we will meet weekly within a circle to share our experiences, hold space for discussions and deep listening, and practice accountability. We ask that you not be completely new to anti-racism work. Joan and Willow are not experts and have not personally done the work in the book yet, but are showing up to host and hold space while doing the work with the group within the circle. Below are the dates for the circle. We ask that you commit to being at all four of these online meetings. It is important to know that as white folk we are going to make mistakes and mess up in this work. We ask you to be brave and welcome the discomfort this work will likely bring up for you. Pre-registration is required. For those of you interested in being a part of the circle, we will send you a questionnaire to answer to determine if you are a good fit to do this circle. “This work sounds overwhelming, intimidating, and unrewarding. I won’t lie to you: it is. You will become overwhelmed when you begin to discover the depths of your internalized white supremacy. You will become intimidated when you begin to realize how this work will necessitate seismic change in your life. You will feel unrewarded because there will be nobody rushing to thank you for doing the work. But if you are a person who believes in love, justice, integrity, and equality for all people, then you know that this work is non negotiable. If you are a person who wants to become a good ancestor, then you know that this work is some of the most important work that you will be called to do in your lifetime. Here’s to doing what is right and not what is easy.” Excerpt from Me and White Supremacy

Monstrous Mentors | Stories of Fear, Desire, Power and Sovereignty – Stories for these times

Offered by: Marrow (Formerly known as Orion) and Mnemosyne

Schedule: Four 90 minute sessions, once a week on Monday evenings (7pm EST).

In these times, when we see monsters everywhere… In these times, when we ourselves are called monstrous… In these times when monstrosity seems to be breaking through the crust of civility (or is it complacency?) everywhere… Wouldn’t you like to know what Monsters are? Wouldn’t you like to know WHY Monsters are? If I told you that the way to face a Monster is to become a Monster yourself, would that terrify or excite you? Or both? We have been Monsters – marking the line of radical autonomy – since we became witches. For some, our transition to witch-hood began with the discovery that true power begins it’s growth at the roots of true fear. Join us for a series of conversations that assume both the fruit and the seed are worthy of exploration. Your commitment? Four online story-shares and whole-group conversations. We’ll provide trance offerings and exploration prompts for deepening the work on your own, in between. We offer this as an introduction to the work of the Necessary Monster, a developing concept and curriculum that Mnemosyne and Marrow have been continuously expanding over the past two years. It is work that demands we examine, in detail, expressions of monstrosity, both personal and cultural. Over the course of our time together we’ll meet four monsters. As witches we know that where there is fear, there is power. What monsters know about fear is that it is inseparable from desire. What will their stories teach us about the kinds of monsters we are? We might ask Lilith what she knows about our fear. We may discover how the story of Medusa’s power reveals our own. Perhaps it will be Kali who teaches us about desire, or Hel who uncovers our autonomy. Who are the monsters calling out from the abyss of our shadow? What monster yet unknown within you holds the key to your sacred sovereignty?

Pentacle of Care

Offered by: Galen and Cubby
Schedule: Sunday, July 19 2pm-4pm Eastern

Building on a lineage of Pentacle work that includes the Iron Pentacle, Pearl Pentacle, Elemental Pentacle, Pentacle of Beauty and Pentacle of the Great Turning this workshop will introduce the Pentacle of Care. We will introduce the five points of this pentacle: Interdependence, Boundaries, Vulnerability, Integrity and Creativity. Our work will explore and sit with questions. What is care? Who is it for? How do we center the giving and receiving of care? What can we learn from care workers in this time of global pandemic and uprising and social change? What is the role of care in the fight for Black liberation?

Learning from our Queer and Disabled Ancestors

Offered by: Galen and Cubby
Schedule: Wednesday, July 22 8pm-10pm Eastern

Queer, Trans and Disabled people have always existed. They experienced pandemics. They experienced uprisings. They experienced times of great social change. What do they have to teach us? We will learn from them by hearing their stories and connecting with them through magic.

The Wild & the Web of All

Offered by: BrightFlame and Laura Wyrd
Prerequisites: Elements of Magic, participation in at least one witchcamp, or equivalent experience
Schedule: Sunday Aug 9th, 7:30-10p ET, 2 1/2 hours

A workshop with Laura Wyrd and BrightFlame to reframe the Eden story, tap into the Wild, and build our resiliency to create a changed world. Like the resilient mycorrhizal network, we will strengthen and brighten our connection with the All. Expect 2 to 2 ½ hours of embodied experiences including energy work, visualization and trance.

The Wild Heart of Community

Offered by: Otter RiverRider, Irisanya Moon, and Ravensong

Prerequisites: Elements, WitchCamp camper, or experience within a Reclaiming Community
Schedule: Dates: July 16, 30 and August 13 Times: 7p – 9p Eastern

“Our lives are not our own. We are bound to others, past and present, and by each crime and every kindness, we birth our future.” — Cloud Atlas How do we make space for the wild in community? How do we step into our circles and our selves, fully embodied? How will we come back into our bodies as an act of rebellion against order? We invite you to join us as we dip a toe/finger/heartbeat into the Reclaiming Communities Class curriculum, knowing this work is ongoing and ever-changing in response to individual and collective needs. We will consider the unknown, the unnamed, and the forbidden in communities. We will explore and unpack power, community, sustainability, and visioning through movement, trance, writing, conversations, and wherever/however magick wants to take us. (This is the wild, after all.) Let us come together in these questions that seem to be more important and more present than ever as we realize we can’t do this work of community alone: Why are we going? Where are we going? Can we go there together? May this work be a spell of emergence and becoming. May the wild heart of community nourish and heal.

M(A)GIC: Understanding the Symbiotic Relationship Between Anarchist Paradigms and Earth-based Spirituality

Offered by Myrm and Rob

Sun, August 9 and 15, 12:00pm – 1:45pm EST

Anarchism is a word that may bring to mind a myriad of images:  Cartoonish extremes ranging from chaotic and violent scenes worthy of the hit horror film “The Purge,” to impossibly tranquil communities set in distant futures, home to naked and forever-smiling indigo children.  When it comes to controversial  ideologies, like anarchism, the truth is often somewhere in between.  And what does anarchism have to do with earth-based spirituality? The ways in which these complex, layered, and nuanced ideologies mesh may not be evident now, but our hope is participants will come away from this workshop with a fundamental understanding of anarchist teachings, having had the opportunity to explore how they naturally follow from a belief in earth-based spirituality, and learn to work them into every layer of life. 

 You may not recognize anarchism in the ancient and wise ways of the Haudenosaunee, and other native peoples from so-called North America.  You may not recognize anarchism in Starhawk’s early work,  amidst the uprisings of the 1970’s, helping a community  bloom that did not consider their spiritual practice to be divergent from social justice.. You may not hear of a growing underbelly of revolutionary hearts, inspired by riotous and wise ancestors working towards a not-so-impossible future, and see the foundation of that ripe change to be the truth that human agency and harmony with the land naturally go hand-in-hand, and are the key not just to mutual survival but to reciprocal abundance. 

Over the course of this workshop we hope to guide an exploration of anarchism and earth-based spirituality, diving into questions like: Why is our society so unhealthy?  What do we do about it?  What is my role?  Solidifying our purpose, finding our power, and playing our role in humanity’s evolution requires that we see ourselves and the world clearly, stepping onto a solid knowing of what is needed to survive the inevitable transformations set before us. Anarchism encapsulates the social critique of a dying capitalist society built on racist, sexist, homophobic, colonialist ideologies that have led us to an almost unmendable relationship with the earth, with each other, and with ourselves.  It also points toward a relationship built on responsibility, cooperation, and dignity. It is not a philosophy built on antagonistic beliefs, but a flourish of informed possibilities given way by a legacy of defiant and often marginalized communities. Discovering the undeniable and healing truths nestled in a highly misunderstood and often weaponized ideology can unlock a freedom and power unlike any other.   

We will be combining the study of philosophy and history, group discussion, journaling, meditation, divination, and other various activities, to inspire participants to think critically and embody the wisdom of anarchism in their relationships, community engagement, and spiritual practice.  Our hope is to start a conversation, so relevant experiences, wisdom, and participation are welcome.

Exploring the Plants of Northern Appalachia

Offered by Pigeon

Saturday July 25th, 2-3pm EST

A virtual plant walk in an area close to Buffalo Gap so that people can learn more about the bio region that camp is normally held.

DreamWork: Share, Explore, Discover

Sunday, July 198:00 – 10:00pmWeekly on Sunday, 4 times

Description:“All dreams come in the service of health and wholeness. All dreams reflect society as a whole.”*
During this time of uncertainty, our dreams may be bringing us messages for personal healing and collective wisdom. When connection is particularly challenging due to physical distancing, we connect through our dreams to build community, create intimacy and impact society as a whole. 

“All dreams speak a universal language of metaphor and symbol. All dreams reflect inborn creativity and ability to face and solve life’s [challenges].”*
We all have the innate wisdom to hear spirit’s messages. We will search cooperatively for the meanings in our dreams. Each small group will work one dream per session. We will engage with the dream in shared consciousness, exploring its messages through personal reflections and collectively as a dream for the world. Join us in the land of dreams!

*Jeremy Taylor: The Wisdom of your Dreams

What do I need to bring with me to participate?
– Something to write with and write on. (This DreamWork process has a few rounds of reflection and examination, so working this on paper is very helpful.
– A recollection of a dream, dream fragment, or daydream. (This can be written down ahead of time to facilitate sharing, in the event that yours is the dream that is worked in that session.)
– An open mind. (This DreamWork hinges on the idea that dreams can have personal as well as universal meaning, and that those meanings can shift depending on context and scope.)
No pre-registration required.  You are welcome to attend as many or as few sessions as you like.  We ask that participants arrive by 7:55pm, so that we can start at 8:00 pm.

Bonnie (she/her), Debbie (she/her), Erica (she/her), 
Jon (he/him), Renée (she/her) and Ryan (he/him)

Breakfast Hang

Weekly from 7:30am to 9am on Friday 5 times Eastern Time – New York
We can eat, pull runes or just know a witch is enjoying your company.
Facilitated by: Juniper Caldera (she/they)

Death and Dying during Social Distancing

Thursday, July 238:00 – 10:00pm

Description:A discussion for family, friends, and other beloveds navigating death and dying from afar. It has always been true that sometimes we can’t be near our beloveds as they die. Social distancing due to the coronavirus has hammered this fact home and gives us an opportunity for this long overdue conversation. Discussion topics include: connecting remotely during the active dying phase, how the dying feel about dying alone (from our knowledge base and experience with them), managing the guilt, and tips for vigil visitors. Pre-registration not required. Presenters:
Boneweaver (she/her) & Mnemosyne (she/her)

Chair Yoga

Thu Aug 6, 2020 7:30pm – 8:30pm Eastern Time – New York

Don’t be fooled by the word “Yoga.” Mainstream American culture has done well to diminish and capitalize on the true teachings behind this potent ancient Vedic wisdom. Chair  yoga is a modern, adaptive and accessible practice based  on traditional teachings. It incorporates gentle movement, breathing techniques and chanting to allow the practitioner to hone awareness, tap into one’s deeper self and move energy for holistic well-being and self realization. In this session, there will be heavy emphasis on exercising autonomy and allowing yourself to open to personal liberation through combining intention, movement and breath. We will ask our bodies, what is it that you need in this moment, how best can I nurture myself? We will practice self acceptance, letting ourselves be where we are at, to rest when we need to and opt out whenever it is appropriate. I will offer suggestions with a variety of options to choose what best serves you in each moment we are together.
Registration is required.
Facilitated by Lindsay Jamison

Starhawk on Permaculture, Justice and Resilience

August 7, 2020, 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Offered by: Starhawk

We will discuss how to plant seeds of resilience and activate permaculture tools to explore how we can address the environmental and social meltdowns of our time.

What would a world of justice and balance look like, and what tools do we need to create it? Permaculture is a system of ecological design that works with nature to help us meet our human needs while regenerating the environment around us. Its ethics and principles can help guide our next steps.

Join us for a conversation with Starhawk to explore how we can address the environmental and social meltdowns of our time, and use this opportunity to plant seeds of resilience.

Starhawk (she/her)

Facilitators (more bios in calendar)

Akasha Madron (she/her)

Akasha Madron (she/her) has been living Reclaiming magic and ritual since 1985. Bridging worlds between the seen and the unseen, the known and the unknown, she is dedicated to helping others change the story. If you want to find out more: getyouranswerstarot (.com).

Bee (she/her)

Bee found her hive in Reclaiming after her first SpiralHeart camp in 2018. Teacher, writer, aspiring kitchen witch, hearth keeper and caregiver are all roles Bee takes on; Bee is also a devotee of Brigid, a Priestess to the Descendants, and mother of three. Magic in Bee’s home looks like good food, lots of laughter and play, storytelling, and endless arts and crafts. She believes in the pure magic of childhood and is passionate about raising witchlets. Bee also seeks out joyful, transformative magic, deep conversations, and never turns down a chance to howl with other witches.

Boneweaver (she/her)

Boneweaver |Chants, trance, and dance. I believe in the power of words. I believe in the power of deep collective magic through sinking down, in, and connecting outward to the all. I believe in the power to change the world one person at a time, one conversation at a time. I dove deeply into anti-racism work in 2013 on the heels of an entertainer announcing their next music retreat would be held at a former slave plantation and joined the rightful uproar. I am a death-working, transition loving, Reclaiming/Feri Priestess artist. I talk to the Dead. They talk back. I thrill to stepping off of that cliff into the unknown, trusting the process to carry me to my work. I work to build healthy community through intentional compassionate magic and ritual, near Pittsburgh, PA.

BrightFlame (she/her) lives in Eastern US in Lenape territory and has been teaching and priestessing in the Reclaiming Tradition since 1997. Her witchcamp and regional teaching help us deepen essential skills to stay centered in these spinning times and widen our energy and effect in the world. She is also a writer of speculative fiction and part of a sustainability education center at Columbia University. More about BrightFlame: brightflame (.com)

Catkin (She/Her)

Catkin (she/her): I am a white witch living on unceded land of the Awaswas speaking Ohlone who are still present in the area currently known as Santa Cruz. My magic sprouted in the wild places of the Central California coast when as a child I felt connection with creatures, plants, and spirits of the land. Later my magic practice grew as I became immersed in the unique culture that was Free Cascadia Witchcamp, under the stars and surrounded by forests, for one week out of the year. Vibrant threads of this magic were carried home and with close community were woven into familiar forests in group nature rituals influenced by New Moon Culture. I am a New Moon Culture initiate and co-facilitated New Moon path for three consecutive years at Free Cascadia Witchcamp until that camp ended. With the closing of that camp, I have been working more to undo the toxic spells of whiteness.

Cubby (They/Them)

Bio coming soon

Gail Morrison aka Gaiamore (she/her/they)

After many years of searching, I found my spiritual home in Reclaiming about thirty years ago. After attending several workshops and camps, I began my experience as a Reclaiming Teacher at the first Vermont Camp in 1995. Over the years with VWC and other camps, I’ve had the opportunity to serve in the role of ritualist and path leader as well as serving several years as a camp organizer. My participation in Dandelion Gatherings has grounded my teaching in the very foundation of who we are as Reclaiming Witches. I believe that contemplation of the natural world reveals divine messages that help us through life’s challenges and deepen our experience of life. About 15 years ago, I created The Earth Deck for divining guidance from nature. http://www.naturedivination.com

Galen (they/them)

Galen is a Care Witch and Sex Priestess who was born and currently lives on Dakota land in the city known as MInneapolis. They are active in the Upper Mississippi River Reclaiming community and are currently a part of the Ritual Planning Cell. Their home Witchcamp is Winter Witchcamp where they are a Bower Priestess. They first attended Spiralheart in 2018 and are excited to see everyone at the SprialConVergence this year!

Irisanya Moon (She/her)

I am a priestess, teacher, ritualist, author, and initiate in the Reclaiming tradition. I am inspired by story, the words and the spaces between, and how we can cultivate resilience and wonder while balancing the presence of grief. My work in wholehearted magick offers a place to come to know ourselves and to have compassion for our humanness. We are not alone. http://www.irisanya.com

Jen (she/her)

Jen – Preferential option for the poor Catholic. I teach children to stop bystanding and start interrupting. My commitment to anti-racism work began with my best friend and goddaughter in the 1980’s and continues today in an anti-racism Facebook group led by WOC. I practice nonviolent truth-telling and work with people to craft authentic apologies. I also have a mad love for G rated jokes and yarnwork.

Joan Brooks (she/her)

At my core, I am a practical, white-identified, witch who sees what needs to be done and gets “her done!” I look at the pain of the world and individuals with unflinching eyes and hear their cries with unflinching ears. I say “HELL NO!” to patriarchy and white supremacy.

Juniper (she/her)

Juniper (she/her): I am a white-identified witch dedicated to liberation from white supremacy, colonialism, and capitalism. Liberation not through delusion, denial or disavowing, but by standing in the fire of resistance. By remembering that we are descended from the witches burned; and also from those who lit the fire. By remembering what has been sacrificed and what is worthy of our lives. I am dedicated to a journey that embodies grounding, listening, non-judgmental curiosity, humility, vulnerability, accountability to community, and compassion for self and others. My tools have been forged in witch camps, in classes, and in my personal practice, but also in courtrooms, in tear gas, and on a cot in the Travis County jail.

Juniper Caldera (she/they)

I am a Reclaiming Witch, artist, sex educator, and mother to wild and growing beings. My Work as a Priestess & Witch centers around the tactile experiences of embodied magic, 

art, and plants. My eclectic tastes run from throwing runes and pulling tarot cards to trance work and exercise. I am pulled to Reclaiming witchcraft through lived experiences and human-divine connections. I practice magic to come fully into oneness with my Godself; my work is like a volcano rising from the ocean floor, destroying and creating through beautiful lava flows and fermenting magma chambers. My magical superpower is childlike enthusiasm woven with my years of life experience. As a priestess my intention is to empower sojourners to be their own cauldron of transformation.

Laura Wyrd (she/her)

Laura Wyrd (she/her) has been involved in the Reclaiming Tradition since 1987, Priestessing and Teaching at 20 witchcamps throughout the country. Laura was a founding member of the Reweaving and Reclaiming Los Angeles communities. Since 2005, Laura has been involved as an initiate and working medium in the Brazilian Spiritual Tradition of Umbanda. In her day to day life, Laura is a yoga teacher and Hypnotherapist. Her in-depth study of Hypnotherapy has deepened her knowledge of trance and provided a way to interact and bring healing to those of all walks of life. More about Laura: LauraMorganHypnotherapy (.com).

Lindsay Jamison (she/her)

Lindsay Jamison CYT-500 is a visionary artist, holistic lifestyle educator, shamanic practitioner, healing arts facilitator and edge-walker. Weaving together visual and mystical arts, she aims to bridge creative self expression with education for conscious evolution. She graduated from the University of the Arts in 2009 with a BFA in Sculpture.  Lindsay has been teaching since 2011 and now has over a thousand hours of training in hatha yoga, yoga therapy, yin yoga, chair yoga, children’s yoga, Usui Reiki Ryoho, mindfulness meditation and shamanic studies. Always driven to push boundaries in exploring the unknown, she creates fun, playful, educational workshops to connect with creative source energy.

Marrow (Formerly known as Orion) (They/Them)

A musician, sex worker alumni, make-up artist, feminist, writer, and mother, Marrow is a witch walking many disparate paths. And it is there, in the between spaces, that they believe the most potent magic lies. A consummate edge-walker, Marrow has been dancing along the limnal borders of this path for over 20 years now. They continue to be drawn to magic and ritual that demands we examine our most jagged edges and unacknowledged rough places; where there’s fear, there’s power. And where there’s power, there is the potential for Sovereignty.

Mnemosyne (She/Her)

Mnemosyne (she/her) is a New Orleans-based artist (image/text/performance), ritualist & deathworker. She is a Secular Buddhist, a Reclaiming Witch, a Diana’s Grove-trained Priestess, and an Hekatean Sorcerer. Her magic is shaping & story-ing, stillness & silence, truth-telling & bone-setting. She is not your feel-good friend*. *If you would rather know than be comfortable, if you relish doing hard work, however, she is your collaborator.

Myrm (they/them)

Myrynruyn Emaj Belleovule the Grey, or Myrm, is a 29-yr-old white, trans, non-binary witch, who uses the pronouns they/them/theirs and is originally from Rochester, NY, in occupied Seneca and Haudenosaunee territory.  They first identified as an anarchist at age 16, forcing a history teacher to endure countless questions stemming from a footnote in a textbook about Emma Goldman. This discovery led to a B.A. in Political Science, Philosophy, and Women and Gender Studies from the University of Rochester, and a lifelong relationship with grassroots activism.  Beginning at age five, they spent most days listening to the wind but they did not call themselves a witch until 2013, while hosting a long-standing, weekly, anarchist spiritually meetup called Gregory Group.  Their practice is always evolving but stems strongly from a gift of ancient knowing passed down through generations. They currently spend most of the year traveling and living in their car, often with their dog, Una, and sometimes with their two partners.  They financially subsist as a highly resourceful trash panda, and as a self-employed, diversely skilled tradesperson and caregiver.  They are currently working on smashing the cis-white-hetero-colonialist-patriarchy and toppling capitalism as we know it, reminding themseves that they are enough, collectively building a farm between the beautiful Adirondak mountains and St. Lawrence River valley, working locally in Rochester, NY to develop a healthy unified activist community, and generally learning to love themself, others, and the Earth a little more each day.

Otter RiverRider (They/them; she/her.)

I am a story-yeller, truth-sayer, ritual artist, and initiate in the Reclaiming and Feri traditions. My magic is rooted in writing, sacred play, hearth-tending, and keen curiosity. I am enchanted by the power of story to transform our lives. I delight in exploring how these threads connect us to each other, our cultures and our gods. As a witch whose roots begin in the deep south, my magic is inspired by civil rights heroes and informed by porch swing hospitality. I seek the magic that dwells in our collective liberation and ease.

Pigeon (they/them)

Pigeon (they/them) is a budding herbalist, artist, sex educator, and community healer. Their deep love of animism, in depth experience with magic, and infatuation with liberation theology has influenced their life and work immensely and they aspire to bring gentle and unwavering energy into everything they do.

Ravensong (She/her)

Brazen, staunch, fierce, heathen, and hedgewitch, I bring the gifts of deep intuition and discernment to all of my Work. I am a professional counselor by trade, and my sacred calling is to be a facilitator of healing and a warrior for the rights and well-being of all peoples. I am a proud member of many communities, including Reclaiming Pittsburgh, the Troth, Heathens Against Hate, Heathen Women United, and SpiralHeart’s Anti-Racism cell.

Rob (they/them)

Rob (they/them/theirs) currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee, the occupied hunting and traditional lands of the Cherokee, Shawnee, Choctaw, Chickasaw, and Creek peoples. Rob is Lipan Apache, of the San Luis Potosi Náhua people, and identifies as Trans, working-class, Latinx and Chicanx. For the past four years they have served as the assistant director for an LGBTQ+ center at a capitalist-driven, white, and private “academic” institution. While there, Rob has done their best to support young spiritual explorers and push for equity from inside the institution. They have facilitated over 200 workshops ranging from LGBTQIA+ allyship to anti-racist practices. Rob grew up in a conservative evangelical home and experienced a childhood where their spiritual and gender curiosities were repressed. Once they left their birth home and family, Rob was able to begin exploring different types of spiritual and philosophical existences. Over the past 20 years, Rob’s spiritual practice has been heavily influenced by traditional Apache rituals and ethics, Buddhism, Transcendentalism, and Anarchism. Their institutional education includes an A.A. in Humanities and Social Sciences from Monroe Community College (aka where Rob and Myrm met), a B.A. in Religion and American History from the University of Rochester, and a Masters in Theological Studies from Harvard Divinity School. While at Harvard, Rob was one of the co-founders of The Religious Anarchist Collective. Rob is an avid gardener who believes that to be touching the earth is to be in communion with the divine, and trees are truly magic(A)l creatures.

Starhawk (she/her)

Starhawk is an author, activist, permaculture designer and teacher, and a prominent voice in modern earth-based spirituality and ecofeminism. She is the author or co-author of thirteen books, including The Spiral Dance: A Rebirth of the Ancient Religion of the Great Goddess and the ecotopian novel The Fifth Sacred Thing, and its sequel City of Refuge. 

Her most recent non-fiction book is The Empowerment Manual: A Guide for Collaborative Groups, on group dynamics, power, conflict and communications. 

Starhawk founded Earth Activist Training, teaching permaculture design grounded in spirituality and with a focus on activism. She travels internationally, lecturing and teaching on earth-based spirituality, the tools of ritual, and the skills of activism.

More info: https://starhawk.org/about/biography/

Skye (She/Her or They/Them)

I am multi-media artist, online tarot reader and Ester Perrel enthusiast. I explore how everything is art, everything is magic, art is magic, and magic is art. This is my 3rd year attending Spiralheart. In 2016, I found witchcraft right when I needed it. I was dealing with chronic pain, insomnia, an eating disorder, and generally feeling like nothing was possible for my life. With the direction from a friend, I built an altar, and began to meditate daily with a single candle. The experience of knowing myself to be sacred immediately let me nourish my body with food and sleep at night. I have continued ever since to seek Love and Mystery. My practice is most devoted to Aphrodite and Mary Magdalene. You can often find me coaching people on how to create community projects, going on dates with my spouse to the grocery store or posting faerie pictures on instagram.

Willow Krake (They/them)

Willow Krake is a faerie witch who lives with the knowledge that anti-racism work is one of the most important calling they will have in their lifetime. They continue to believe that a better world is possible, as they live rooted in their values of love, justice and vulnerability. They are striving to be a good ancestor. Their anti-racism work started with the path Witches against white supremacy at Spiral Heart in 2017. Sense then they have joined the anti-racism cell at Spiral Heart as a co-anchor.

Yarrow (they or he)

Yarrow (they/them or he/him): I have been deeply involved in the Reclaiming tradition since the late 1990s — in rituals, core classes, Witchcamps, sometimes in the streets with the Pagan Cluster. What I’ve learned seems to boil down to this: make the next mistake. Make the next of many mistakes. Make our mistakes in solidarity with each other, because none of us can do it alone, because every one of us is necessary. I am a white person in Reclaiming, trying to participate in the work of undoing white supremacy in Reclaiming and beyond Reclaiming. Trying to be accountable as I make the next mistake. In solidarity, and not alone.

Presenting Team: Bonnie (she/her), Debbie (she/her), Erica (she/her), Jon (he/him), Renée (she/her) and Ryan (he/him)

We were first introduced to this approach to DreamWork at a SpiralHeart camp several years ago. We’ve been meeting most Sunday evenings since then, working our dreams together, all sharing in the facilitation. We humbly invite you to join us. In addition to our shared passion for dreamwork, we are all active SpiralHeart members, in service to our community at camp and throughout the year. Between us, our varied roles have included the Ritual Arc Team, Soundspinning Team, path facilitation, bower priestess, camp operations, registrar, and the SpiralHeart board.

Ritual Arc Team (RAT)

Daedalus (he/him)

Daedalus is a character that appears in a variety of timeless myths and stories, some of which you may have personally read. This particular Daedalus (He/Him pronouns) is a witch, a father, a domestic partner, and a Spiralheart community member in this time, and therefore, that is the story that you find yourself reading right now.

Daedalus deeply believes in the power of story and symbol – in particular – as tools for discovery, transformation, healing, and revolution, whether it be individually or as a community. He thinks of magic as a way of being that aids one in all of creation, connection, protection, healing, and destruction. He is here to witness and support you on any journey that may involve such brave acts of living and being, if you so consent it.

Daedalus has been working in the Reclaiming and Feri traditions for 8 years. He hails from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – apparently once considered the Paris of the Appalachians.

Syn (she/her)

Syn is a fourth year camper at Spiralheart and a first year member of the Ritual Arc Team. While her personal growth is her main focus at this time, she is working to help form a better world for the future. Syn strongly believes that understanding the intersectionality of discrimination is a key component of destroying the patriarchy and moving toward a more humane society. Her practice is solitary at this time, but she enjoys being a part of the Spiralheart community and connecting with others. The wilderness brings her a sense of wonder and connection to all things of this world. To Syn, everything is intertwined making working together a vital piece of bringing change.

In her mundane life, Syn has worked to bring safe places for the LGBTQIA+ community in West Virginia. She was a founding member and the first co-chair of the WVU School of Law’s LGBTQIA+ student organization. She is currently the treasurer for the WVU’s LGBTQIA+ alumni group, of which she also helped co-found. She looks forward to working to improve the lives of West Virginia’s LGBTQIA+ community, as well as those Nation and Worldwide.

Bonnie (she/her)

This is Bonnie’s 5th year at Spiralheart and first year as a RAT. She is from the deep south originally (Jackson MS and New Orleans) but has been living in the Washington DC area for the last 5 years. She identifies as a sporty goth, pole-dancer, activist, sociology-nerd, her own parent, and cat lover. In her magic work, she enjoys meditation, dream-work, learning herbalism, and building a relationship with the fae. She also connects her love of pole-dance and sensuality to her magical connection to sex and death. She is also a priestess at the Temple of the Sacred Harlot and is excited to see how the temple grows over the years.

Bonnie is passionate about supporting sex-workers, survivors of sexual assault, reproductive rights, racial justice, and just about anything not considered “polite” to talk about in Mississippi by her ancestors. In her mundane life, she works for a small local food hub as a “Member Experience Wizard,” connecting people to local farmers. She loves to advocate for food justice but hates to tell people why their cabbage isn’t one uniform size all the time. Her partner in crime is her adorable creampuff cat Clyde (she and Bonnie both love belly rubs).

Cabra (they/them)

Cabra grew up with their nose in a book. Fiction or nonfiction, politics or romance, old and new: they absorbed as many words as the school libraries had to offer. As they grew, they realized they could tell stories with others: interacting with other fans via fanfiction, telling stories with their hidden selves through trance, weaving scenes with strangers through internet roleplay. Writing became the forge in which shields were made, and eventually the center of Cabra’s craft. As a writer, this bookwyrm is dedicated to changing the narratives of magic to decolonize, decarcerate, and liberate. When not working internally, Cabra writes zines and workshops. They have natural affinities for protective magic: charms, wards, shielding, circles, and even the occasional egregore guardian. You can find them and their work at Garlic Witch Zine Collective and now on the illustrious Ritual Arc Team for Spiralheart 2020.

Pigeon (they/them)

Pigeon is a birb who lives in the city of Pittsburgh with a cat named Soybean. They are a mystic, a ritualist, an anarchist, a witch, a kinkster, an artist, and a healer. The magic that they bring to ritual and community is a deep empathy, groundedness, and fluidity. They are drawn to the Reclaiming Witchcraft tradition because the ecstatic nature of rituals speaks to their deep need for experience over observation. 

Pigeon’s spiritual work is centered in reconnecting to their Catholic ancestry through heresy, sacred sexuality, art, and mutual aid. They use their knowledge and energy to facilitate workshops, plan rituals with Reclaiming Pittsburgh, and create art with Garlic Witch Zines. They are an activist, and a sex educator and are dedicated to the exploration of pleasure, spirituality, and liberation. In their spare time Pigeon likes to forage for mushrooms, identify plants, and visit old churches.