Camp 2023 FAQ

You can register for camp here:

When is camp?

July 10-16, 2023

Where is camp?

Buffalo Gap Retreat Center, Capon Bridge West Virginia (location page of website:

How much does camp cost?

To keep camp accessible to people of all economic levels, Spiralheart offers a sliding scale for the registration fee. In addition, some scholarship funds (also on a sliding scale) are available for those who are unable to pay the lowest fee on the sliding scale. Please choose the scale amount that is appropriate for your situation; you decide where you slide on both scales.

The registration fee sliding scale is $650.00 – $1,800.00. We ask that those who are able to pay higher on the scale to please do so, so that we can continue to offer a wide range of fees for our campers. The maximum scholarship is $200.00.

Camp Cost for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color: Camp will be free for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. BIPOC campers have a set camp registration fee of $150 in lieu of Spiralheart’s previous sliding scale registration fee for BIPOC campers. Additionally, BIPOC campers automatically receive the full $150 scholarship from our scholarship fund effectively rendering their camp registration fee to $0.

The registration fee for work exchange campers is $275. A work exchange slot significantly reduces your camp fee. Therefore, work exchange fees cannot be combined with scholarship money or any other discounts.

Six work exchange positions are available. Some roles require lifting, carrying, and standing. After you select on your registration for a work exchange position, our coordinator will send you a questionnaire to complete, so that we can best match campers with the duties required. 

When does registration close? 

Online registration closes June 15, 2023; after this date, we cannot guarantee we will be able to accommodate additional campers. Any last minute registration inquiries must be submitted via email to The cost of camp includes all lodging, activities, and meals for the week.

What are the accommodations? 

Buffalo Gap offers both tenting and indoor accommodations.

Indoor accommodations are comprised of multiple cabins, most having shared bedrooms and a shared living area and there are a few efficiency cabins where the beds and living space are one room. The cabins are multi-gender buildings. If you have a medical condition that makes not sharing a room most desirable, we will do our best to honor that.

Should you wish to camp outdoors, but do not have a tent, we may be able to provide one.

The camp fee includes three (3) simple meals per day and a post ritual snack. Due to the skyrocketing costs of food, the buffet selection may be limited and there will be plenty per portion per person. 

In case of medical needs, the staff is able to provide special meals. However, due to the additional labor involved, each special meal costs Spiralheart an additional fee. The community shares this expense so that those with medical needs are not penalized. Therefore, special meals can only be provided in the case of medical needs, not simply for personal preference. 

What are the COVID-19 policies? 

Covid-19 cancellation, masking policies and vaccination policies will also be included in Spiralbound, our pre-camp information booklet.

Covid-19 vaccination policy as of Jan 8, 2023: Campers must be fully vaccinated or have a documented medical exemption. The Ops team will reach out via email after registration so that you can send us either a copy of your proof of vaccination (eg. vaccination card, vaccination passport, etc.) or a medical exemption letter.

For medical exemptions to be honored, you must have a letter from a doctor saying that vaccination is contraindicated, and giving you clearance to attend the camp environment, which is a congregate setting, with singing in groups, and high heat very possible.

We require that unvaccinated campers have a negative PCR test shortly before camp. Spiralheart will reimburse you for the cost of the test if it’s a financial burden.

Masking Policy

  • Rituals: We empower the planners of each ritual to take Covid-safety measures, which may include requiring the wearing of masks at certain points in the ritual. During high-density activities, all ritual participants will mask with the following exception: Up to three people at a time, designated in advance for each ritual and in a speaking role or sound spinner anchor role, are empowered to unmask while in that role.   For each ritual we will announce at the ritual conspiracy and at the beginning of each ritual whether and when masks will be required for part or all of the ritual.  Campers may always wear masks at any time, including in rit
  • Indoors: Masks are required indoors, except in your own cabin.  Masks are not required in the dining hall, except when in line for food. The dining hall will not be an available location for affinity groups or other offerings.  Should an all-camp event need to take place in the dining hall, masking will be required.

Rapid Testing: Rapid tests will be available. Those who develop Covid-19 symptoms during camp will take a rapid test immediately and again two days later, and wear a mask and socially distance around other people for the duration of their symptoms except when sleeping. If either test result is positive, the camper will be required to return home as soon as they are able and stay in the Covid isolation cabin until then.

Refunds for those who test positive during camp: If a camper tests positive for Covid-19 during camp, they may be granted a prorated refund.

Policies are subject to change, based on new COVID-19 information, please watch your email for any updates. 

You can register for camp here: 
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